Thursday, March 18, 2010

In Memory of Mr. Ralph Scott

Once upon a time, my brother met a special girl and he was smart enough to marry her.
She introduced us to her father and he became part of the family.
We all loved him and we all were impressed by his artistic abilities. The man had a talent for painting.
I am lucky enough to have two of those oil paintings that he did for me.
When we do craft shows you would often find him sitting there drawing portraits of the children and never charging for them. He loved doing it for the children.
He proudly served his country and often told us stores of his time in the military.
He led a full life and is missed by a lot of people today.
Yesterday was his memorial service and we miss him.
His daughter is part of the Etsy family.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zibbet and Etsy stores

All of us are looking for places where we can sell our handmade crafts. It makes us feel good when we find a buyer who apprecitates what we have created.

and then I decided maybe to expand further and opened at zibbet store

So far sales are slow but it takes time to build up a big following. Hopefully passing out business cards at craft shows this summer will help.

We have been doing craft shows for years and really enjoy being with the customers and other vendors.

It is fun to visit the Etsy forums and you can learn so much reading them. I admit I am new to how Twitter really works but I am trying.

Blogging sometimes is hard to find a subject to blog about.

I know others out there are looking to increase sales also. Let us hope this is a great year for all of us.