Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Basket

Don't you just love this cute little garden basket? I do too.
It is handmade by the very talented Cherlnchains and we have talked about her baskets before but now I have one of my own.
Would it not be perfect for so many things like gardening. I think I shall put the seeds I have already bought in there for safe keeping for now.
She makes so many useful and decorative baskets that you have to stop by her shops and see them yourself.
After you have had a chance to stop by and check out her baskets, let us know what you think.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Summer Craft Show Season

Most of us are pretty tired of winter by now and anxious to get out there and do those craft shows.

We spent part of winter searching the internet to find just the right show. Found some interest shows, some new and some old, talked with friends and asked them what shows they like, and now it is time to order those applications.
I like to do one big show a month during the summer but also like to throw in some small ones because they are usually fun working with just the local crafters.
Of course, you do make more money, hopefully, at the bigger juried shows who advertise well and draw in the big crowds.
We start thinking about a change in display, perhaps new table covers to brighten things up. make sure we have enough business cards on hand, perhaps make up some fliers with our shop names on them.
We have already inventoried our stock as we are selling a lot of it online also. I always ask myself, should I inactivate the items I am taking to a show or just take a chance they won't sell while at the show. Not being a big risk taker, I tend to inactivate those products just to be safe and so I won't have to tell someone, sorry it is already sold.
Towels are my big seller at shows and often have repeat customers from year to year. That makes you feel good when someone says I buy from you every year.
Now I have to go searching stores and internet stores to find the best towels at the best prices and start crocheting even faster.
How many of you are getting excited about the upcomming show season.
If you like the towel pictured here you can find it in my Artfire store.
Never hurts to advertise a little for yourself.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Do you love baskets as much as I do. They not only decorate your home but have so many useful purposes.
These are some really awesome handmade baskets made by a very talented artist on Etsy.
You can stop by here shop and you will see they are not only well made by hand but very affordable.
Think of the great gift ideas that you could use these for either alone or filled with goodies for someone special.
Stop by at her shop, take a look, and let me know what you think