Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New stuff

Does everyone else get excited when you put something new in your shop?    You list it and run to the stats and watch for someone to find it.   You go in several times a day and look at the views and are either excited about great views or sad that no one has found you.  
Well here are some of my new products.
Stop by our two shops



Saturday, May 11, 2013


So ready for spring.   It seems like it just does not want to come and stay.
Spring is such a wonderful season as the trees start to leaf out and the early bulbs start to pop up out of the ground.
The lilac tree is so close to blooming and that is my favorite flower.
Ready to start working the soil and plant garden so we can finally have some tomatoes with real flavor and not the boring green house ones.
Spring brings the start of the craft show season too and those are both fun and hopefully profitable.   Really enjoy getting out and seeing the repeat customers who come each year to the show and being able to say hi.
Finally time to get the shorts out of storage and put away the heavier winter coats.
Going outside for a walk to enjoy this weather.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Etsy teams

Often wondered about Etsy teams and were they worth the time to participate.   Still don't have an answer but have enjoyed being part of the teams.
Not only do you get a little more visability for your shop but I like the way you can find new friends and find wonderful new items and shops as you participate in the teams.
I really like doing treasuries and I have found some wonderful new shops that way.  
Facebook, I am still having trouble learning but working on it.  Twitter I don't do at this time.
My blackberrybarn shop has an account with craftori which is a free place to promote and I have fun with Pinterest.
Just joined a new team this morning,
and I think it will be a fun team to be part of.
So many things to learn about promoting your Etsy shops.