Friday, June 17, 2011

Farm life

I think I am really lucky to be able to live in the country. Don't have a big cattle ranch or dairy farm, just a small piece of land to grow a garden and enjoy the outdoors.
Not everyone will agree with me and some of you enjoy the city life with the restaurants and activities.
Isn't it great that we have all the different options so we can choose the one we like best.
The picture is one of my strawberry plants in blossom. Can't wait for the berries to ripen and eat. Many never get to the house as we snack right in the garden on the fresh berries.
We can pick the apples off the trees and eat the fresh tomatoes right off the plants.
It is peaceful to just take a break and walk around for a few minutes or picnic in the yard.
There is so much in the country to inspire crafters but now we need to get inside and actually make some new things.
Anyone else enjoy the country life too or are you a city person?
The most important thing is we are happy where we are.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Blackberrybarn and Christmas

I love Christmas and wish it lasted all year long. Actually I sometimes forget to take down all the trimmings and leave some up all year.

We had opened blackberrybarn to sell of all of those craft supplies you get and never use and take up room in the craft room. Thanks to all of you who purchased the items that sold, but now are store is looking kind of empty and needed to come up with something to fill it.

store where we sell our crocheted top towels and tried and tried to think up something new.

Then we realized if we want to do Christmas all year why not open a Christmas Etsy store to do it. That lets us make Christmas items all year and sell them so we did

I know that there are lots of you that love Christmas also.

We only have a few items in there right now but stop by and watch us grow.