Friday, June 3, 2011

Blackberrybarn and Christmas

I love Christmas and wish it lasted all year long. Actually I sometimes forget to take down all the trimmings and leave some up all year.

We had opened blackberrybarn to sell of all of those craft supplies you get and never use and take up room in the craft room. Thanks to all of you who purchased the items that sold, but now are store is looking kind of empty and needed to come up with something to fill it.

store where we sell our crocheted top towels and tried and tried to think up something new.

Then we realized if we want to do Christmas all year why not open a Christmas Etsy store to do it. That lets us make Christmas items all year and sell them so we did

I know that there are lots of you that love Christmas also.

We only have a few items in there right now but stop by and watch us grow.

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  1. Christmas is a great time of year! I am working on some new cards to put in my shop!