Sunday, February 14, 2010


Spring must be coming soon because the seed catalogs are appearing in the mailbox.
This is one magazine I look forward to so I can sit down and decide what I am going to plant this year.
With the price of food being high and the quality not always being the best, I would much rather just go out to the garden and pick something fresh right out of the garden.
We all know that tomatos never taste the same from the store as they do fresh from the plant.
The same with berries.
I do seem to have a problem picking fresh peas off the plant, as they find their way to my mouth instead of back in the house. Love the taste of fresh peas.
Time to make an order and then hope that spring comes early so we can get that garden rototilled and planted and then enjoy.

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  1. I SOOOO wish I could have a garden again. It is a dream of mine, one day I will live in a house and have a garden. I buy from farm stands during the summer, support my local farmer.