Thursday, April 1, 2010

Craft Show Tips.

My Mom and I started doing craft shows many years ago. In those days we did lots of plastic canvas with our towels.
When Mom passed away, I continued on doing shows with my husband.
We still do towels but we no longer do plastic canvas. My husband sells his EPP foam radio control airplanes and he makes jewelry.
My tips for shows would be first. I always take soda or pop in bottles because I have bought a can at the show and knocked it over and had a mess. With a bottle you can cap it and if it tips over it is no big deal.
Yes, I have had customers bend over to look at something and spill pop out of their cans too.
Second. Take lots of change. You will need $1s, $5s and $10s and I always take a couple of rolls of quarters.
Third. Table covers. I use twin size sheets and they wash well and are not expensive.
Fourth. I try to have as much product as I can get made so my tables are full with a variety.
Fifth. Constantly keep straightening and I may rearrange the tables several times trying to find a display that works best for the customer.
Sixth. Take a chair but don't sit unless it is really slow. I always take a book too. Just be sure to say hi to each person that walks by and if possible make a comment to get them to respond like beautiful day or I love the picture on your sweatshirt, or I see you have already found some treasures.
Seventh. I do usually buy my lunch there as it is my treat but after a while you get tired of nothing but hot dogs and bring a sandwich. I do bring snacks.
Eighth. Keep the tubs under the table out of the way.
Nineth. Have fun with the customers and other vendors. Don't be afraid to ask what shows they do that really work for them. They will often want to compare shows with you too. Gives you a good way to find new shows.
Eleven. Take lots of business cards to put on table and I make a bunch that say thank you with my etsy, zibbet and website address on them and put them in every bag when I sell something.
I know I have forgotten some and will add them as my mind reminds me of them.
Most of all have fun at the shows and make money.

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  1. Oh those were great days. I use to go to craft show with my father and sell the things you see on our blog. He taught me how to make some of these items. I am now only marketing for him in a different state we have such a great relationship and partly has to do with those craft shows!