Tuesday, February 8, 2011


All of us are looking for the perfect place to advertise that will bring us lots of sales and cost almost nothing. When you find it let me know.
In the meantime, I do twitter and not sure that it works but it is fun and easy and I enjoy reading other peoples tweets.
Heard that having an account at squidoo helps so I am trying that.
Do have a facebook fan page but not sure I am really using it for its full value.
Can't afford newspaper ads but wonder if they really work.
We do lots of craft shows every year and while I sell tons at the shows, it does not seem to draw people to Etsy or Artfire or my website by handing out business cards.
I am not giving up and going to keep looking for the perfect idea.
Any one have any new and creative suggestions that we all can use.
By the way if you like the towel stop by my store at Etsy or Artfire

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  1. Squidoo is a fantastic method of promotion. Create lenses on your shop, products, link with plexos, lensroll. Much like reciprocal linking.
    Here's my Etsy Lens with a plexo for you to add your Etsy shop to the list. Valuable links!
    Hollys Etsy Shop