Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Like most of you, I am confused on the best way to advertise my shops and get the word out there that I do have a quality product at a fair price.
I don't twitter anymore as I was mostly getting bot views from that and never knew what to say.
Facebook. I do put a few things on Facebook but wondering how to get more followers to your facebook page.
Anyone want to follow me I am
Let me know and I will follow you back.
We do treasuries and they are fun and do help us meet new friends on Etsy and I do belong to two teams
We do lots of craft shows and pass out business cards.
Sales are always great at shows because people can feel the quality of our towels and search through piles for a pattern that works for them.
We sell quite a few at shows as wedding and shower gifts and the favorite is a combination of towels such as, Christmas, spring, winter, Easter, or any combination looks fun.
Always working on pictures and that is quite a challenge, which I think you will all agree.
So any stories of sucess you would like to share with us, we would love to hear.

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