Thursday, April 11, 2013


This is the story of Koda.  
He is a special horse who we were lucky enough to have stay with us for a while and entertain us.
He is a beautiful light sorrel with flaxen mane and tail and with a big beautiful bald face.  He even had white eyelashes on one side of his head.  
Koda was a rescue horse who needed love and food and attention. 
We brought him to the farm and he put on weight and played and ate up all attention he could get.  He especially like us to go and pick the clover outside the fence and bring it to him.
Koda gave us many hours of enjoyment watching him but he missed having other horses in his life and at the time we only had the one.
Twice he managed to break through the fence.  One morning, early, our neighbor came over and said that Koda was standing on his front porch and he brought him back home.  He must have liked to visit the neighbors.
The second time he broke the fence down, he headed for our backdoor.
He really wanted friends so he is now a few miles away at a farm with other horses and he has a couple of girlfriends he likes to run and play with in the fields.
He is so happy to be with the other horses and is healthy.
We do miss him but he is where he should be after we brought him back to health.
Yes, we have a stronger fence now and are keeping our eyes and ears open for another rescue horse who needs food and love and attention.  Ok, we are keeping our eyes open for perhaps two rescue horses so they are not alone.
We enjoyed Koda so much we thought we would share his story with you.

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