Sunday, June 2, 2013

Craft shows

It is that time of year again.  Craft show season.
Always look forward to the shows as they are so much fun and hopefully produce extra cash for you.
Yes, it is a lot of work hauling the tent and tables and boxes from the truck over to the space and somehow you never get there at the right time to park close.
Even though we have been doing this for years, it still takes more then an hour to set up the booth and get it ready to go.
Folding towels and displaying jewelry takes time and each time we like to try one new display idea if possible.
You look forward to spending time with the vendors you have not seen all winter and the repeat customers who come back each year.
The one tip I have that you don't usually hear is take your pop or soda, in a bottle with a cap.  You will spill it sometime if you take it in a can.  If you don't accidently knock it over, a customer will.
Only took a couple of times before I quickly switched to bottled pop.
Don't overlook sheets as table cloths either as they are inexpensive and come in many colors and can be purchased in lots of sizes.  I use twin and it works fine on my tables.
Thrift shops often have sheets at a low price.
We shop thrift shops for display items too.  You never know what you may find such as picture frames to put you price signs in.
Just don't forget to have fun and enjoy hearing the compliments you get on your product and meeting new people.

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