Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wed Morning

Morning. I hope it is ok if I do a little bragging about my sister this morning. She makes critter quilts and they are so cute and can be used for more then critters. She is a wonderful quilter and does an awesome job on them.
Not only does she sell ready made but customizes them in color for what ever the cat or dog would prefer.
Her cat Misty is the head quality control person over at her house.
She already has a successful business selling on our website, etsy, her website and at shows so I think it is ok to say how proud I am of her.
Check out her store at


  1. Wow! such a write up! Thank you most kindly. I have a blog here too ... not sure how I tell you what it is ...

  2. What great quilts! They look too posh for critters :-)

  3. Misty Whispurrs is this your blog?

  4. Yes, this is Misty Whispurrs blog. Quilted Squirrel is my mommy's name. I'm the Patchwork Cat!!!