Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold Weather

It is only the beginning of December but with this bitter cold, windy, snowy start of the new year we are ready for spring. Yes I know we still have weeks of winter left and there are times it is beautiful when the trees are covered with snow. Not so crazy about all the ice that comes with it.
Good time to stay in the house and try new craft projects and to visit the local craft stores and see what we just can't live without.
This is going to be a good year.


  1. It's snowing today in Bulgaria, the first snow for the year ... it beautiful, but I am afraid it will become to ice ... and will become dangerous. So I will stay at home and knit

  2. I don't mind the snow I just can't stand the cold. Here in Ohio its in the single digits. I agree with you its time to stay in and work on some new ideas.
    Stay wamr

  3. Looks like it is cold everywhere. We will all be home crafting.