Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thanks Mom

Today I want to tell you about my towels. For years, my Mom and I have done craft shows and one of our best selling items were our crocheted top towels. We have added and subtracted other items but that one is always a money maker for us.
One thing I have noticed is that online the single towels sell better and maybe that is because of the price, but at craft shows the doubles are our best selling ones
My Mom is no longer with us but I carry on in her memory and enjoy every minute of it.
If anyone needs a crocheted top towel and you don't see a pattern or color you like, as us as we may be able to get it for you.
While you are at the store, stop by and see my husbands jewelry. He is no longer going to make jewelry, so it is half price. He is now going to be selling his radio control airplanes instead.
Stop by our store at where you will not only find my items but some of the other local crafters.
Also stop by our Etsy store
and our zibbet store
Sometimes you just gotta tell the world yourself about your products. Thanks for listening. Any one wants to add links to there stores just jump right in.


  1. I really like your towels. I'm sorry you lost your mother (I lost mine several years ago and still miss her every day. It's great that you continued on.

  2. The towels are pretty cool :-)
    Interesting how they sell differently through the different mediums as well