Saturday, January 2, 2010

Craft Shows

I love to do craft shows and they really help me promote my business. I would guess the 75% of my sales come from shows.
They offer you a chance to go out and meet the public and connect with other vendors and get feedback on your items from actual customers. I have picked up some good advice from customers.
Always ask the other vendors what shows are their best shows and which are their worst. They will always be glad to share with you and in return you share with them.
Most of the time, they will not have heard of Etsy and it is a chance to let them know.
I have business cards on the table with my website, my Etsy and my Zibbet store addresses on them. I put a thank you note in every bag with purchase. Because I do around 15 shows a year locally, some customers ask for my card and where my next show will be.
Your tables should look good and I use a twin sheet for table cloths so they all match. I use a navy but any color is good.
Take more inventory then you need and hope it sells. It is better to take home then run short.
Take lots of change with you.
I don't take credit cards because of all the fees and so far it has not hurt my sales. I am thinking about it.
One good tip is take some snacks and bottles of pop with you as you may not be able to go get food or you may not care for the food. Many places sell hot dogs and after a few shows you may be tired of hot dogs. Take bottled pop so you can set it down and it won't get knocked over onto your table and ruin things like a can of pop can.
You will probably need a state sales tax license to do most of the shows.
I do both the big juried shows and the smaller school and church shows. From experience, I can say that for me, the smaller low fee shows have less customers and less sales then the bigger juried shows at a higher price.
Just plan on having a good time and going home tired and with money in your pocket.
Any questions don't hesitate to ask.


  1. I would love to get into the art fair and craft shows, but don't really know how to start. How do you find out about them?

  2. Thanks for the tips! One of my goals this year is to start the craft shows.

  3. I love doing craft shows. They are really fun and you get to meet a lot of people that you will be doing future shows with and you get a following of customers. One thing I am going to try new this year is to have drawings for free items. This way I can get names, addresses, or e-mail addresses to add to my newsletter list.

  4. I find out about craft shows by going to google and typing in Michigan craft shows as that is where i live.
    When you start doing shows then people will be passing out new applications to you at the shows.

  5. I have sold more at craft shows than I ever do on etsy. Am thinking of getting a sales tax license...

  6. I agree with you about selling more and it is fun to meet the customers face to face. I do have a tax license as some of the larger shows require it