Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Spring may finally be here and it is time to get the garden ready.
Hours and hours walking behind that rototiller but it does such a good job on getting the ground ready.
Have been adding to the compost pile and that is ready to use now too.
The we haul sand from the pile and add that to our rows.
Now we are ready to plant. Can you promise me it is not going to frost anymore this spring.
I am a believer in companion planting. Don't know for sure it works but I do try to follow it.
For those that don't know what that is, some crops grow better not being next to each other. For example cucumbers and melons and squash can cross polinate if planted close to each other.
We heard long ago that putting human hair scraps around the edge of the garden will help keep the deer away. I have been trying it but I do think the deer nibbled on my sunflowers last year.
I do plant marigolds because they are supposed to repel pests. Don't know if it works but it makes some color in the garden to enjoy.
Will do updates on the garden with pictures once it starts growing and then we start thinking about do we freeze, dry or can the produce for next winter. That is what we don't nibble on in the garden fresh like tomatoes and peas.
It is worth every bit of work for the fresh, healthy food we get from the garden.

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