Monday, May 17, 2010


Love doing the craft shows and have great sales doing them but need some online sales also.
Etsy is just not bringing me any sales right now, so I have quit listing for a month and concentrating on my other shops.
My website needs some work and I wish I knew how to do websites so I could fix it and make it look better but I keep struggling with it.
Opened a Zibbet store.
Like the Zibbet store because it is easy to use for someone who is not good with computers. Had a sale there too.
Just opened an artfire store and working on that one too.
Having the stores not only helps you sell, hopefully, but also gives you a chance to meet some wonderful crafters and be amazed at the creative things that they make.
Are you expanding too?


  1. I think you and I are feeling the same way. Etsy is not bringing me any sales. I like the idea of having many shops but it is so time consuming. But you have given me an idea that I will pursue other venues. Thanks!

  2. oh yeah selling on etsy is a JOB! I finally have over 40 sales, but I always do better in person than on-line. I'm glad the craft show season is here, looking forward to selling a lot of stuff this summer.