Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Craft Show Displays

I really enjoy making and selling my memo boards and crochet top towels but I am not good at display and it looks like putting pictures in blogs either.
I was so lucky to be able to have come to a couple of shows and try to teach me some good display ideas.
Note the country looking fabric she used for tablecloths. Those really caught the attention of the shoppers, more then my boring dark blue.
She showed me how to use wooden crates to add height and interest to my displays. We could drape the towels over the top of the craft and fill the inside with inventory.
She spread out a few of the memo boards on a table and some were leaning against other crates for more visability.
We have had some great craft shows this year so does that mean that the displays helped? I can't say for sure but something worked.
Any ideas you would like to share with others about tricks for display?
Looking forward to the next show and some more new ideas.
Don't forget to stop by my sisters blog and say hi also. She talkes about her quilts and cats.

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